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Anonymous Chat Rooms, Meet New People – Antiland for PC, Mac, Web

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💖30 & ᴏʟᴅᴇʀ 🚫ʏᴏᴜɴɢᴇʀ™

Of course that might get you a lot of unwanted p.m. because of the word freak
Autocorrect I hate you
Then maybe you should change your name to sneaker freak
Hi .... I am a male . I am here for friendship with a cute thick , chubby , curvy or a big size girl. Any one here pm Me ..❤❤️❤️ Any age
Full of *
I’m a sneakerfreak,also called a word I can’t write here because there’s another app called that too
My sister has a closet coffee shoes literally
WickedEnchantress Such an interesting name hello there
Cat shoes
I love shoes .... but not any shoes
Werecats are sneaky so it figures
Berferd 😂
Hi wick
It does have something to do with sneakers,maybe I should change the name?
A wonan who loves shoes? Bever heard of such
I’m wearing my sneakers today
So it does have something to do with shoes
Maybe she hops in shoes?
Just love shoes
Or both
Do you have bunny shoes
She sneaks around ?
Because she couldn’t spell gym shoe???
Im a Bad girl 🤪💦
Are your shoes made of a bunny
If you translate it,it doesn’t say anything
Does that mean something
Why are you a sneaker bunny
That’s what I read
Just used thai letters
I like the font
What’s supposed to read bunny
You didn’t fail I failed in reading
Guess I failed🙄
Hey Renee
Knees not niece
If they r not original they must b fake
Sneakerbunny 🤦🏽‍♀️
Yes rennee
I have no meniscus in either of my niece that was for both surgically removed. I also had a ACL reconstruction on my right knee
OMG u have fake knees ber
Both knees
Berferd Did you have a total knee replacement
Not original knees lol
Hey bunny
😂 😂 ber
Sneakers bunny
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