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Anonymous Chat Rooms, Meet New People – AntiLand for PC, Mac, Web

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🇬🇧 London

Who is down for hookup
I’ll have to block you fam
Nah fr
Don’t tell me what to do x
Yeah simes been ok
Make a make account
Ok diner
Are you down for hookup
Yeah good thanks, you had a good Tues?
Careful lol 😬
Simes is a nonce btw
I am ok simes u
You OK Leanne?
She just creates a new account
Hi Simms
How longs the jail for usually
That's 8 times I know of she's been jailed and come back
Another new account
She's back again Gamer 😡😡😡
Cc in jail I see
I was just lurking
I been here
Wb Gamer
Hello Simes
Told you, blocked her again ffs
Hey I’m back
Hi Samantha, hi Leanne
Why’s everyone jealous wtf
I’m back
You man looking tho?
I can’t find anyone
Just take one then
Hi x
I dunno I was just clearing something up
What’s what?
You want to give one or take one?
Anyone who wants
Alright ad
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