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Anonymous Chat Rooms, Meet New People – Antiland for PC, Mac, Web

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apparently i’m perfect lol
Someone pm me to chat
Any super taboo guys?
Cincinnati hmu tonight for funnn
Yea. At least with the 2nd string WRs we did move the ball. Plus it’s basic vanilla package of plays. Probably testing out the 5 wide sets
Yeah would’ve been nice to see a TD catch in the first half tho
Browns are rocking it.
Yes good point! So jealous
Everywhere I’m looking at had a lack of snow. That’s the only thing I don’t like about ohio lol
That’s why it’s my number one option! I should know by the end of the month! They’re trying to fill all 3 positions and a few others that I would take if the price is right and I’m given the offer
Oh man, those are three awesome choices!! Charleston has the beach though 😍
I’m actually from Akron area now for work. My next position will be out of state so I’m looking at Charleston sc or Phoenix, Nashville is also an option that I’m contemplating
Hey ladies. 😄 Single fit 28 y/o guy here, PM if you’d like to chat 😊
Help me nut
What area of Cleveland are you from Mad? I used to live in Bay Village but I’m in Columbus now
MAD2220 you’re awesome! 😊
I watch a lot of cavs too tbh
GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steelers games are sacred around my house. Everyone knows that if Steelers are playing I’m not doing jack lol
I’m about to move but I’ve gotta keep the ability to watch CLE sports. I don’t care how much it costs lol
I’m jealous too much going on at home here lol
Actually, I do lol
It’s sad but I can watch or listen to all 162 Indians games in a season..
Yes the Indians are great! But I agree, I can’t watch tons during the season but come fall - love baseball so much!
I like the Indians but I can’t keep up with baseball anymore not enough time and then when you’ve got New York buying a team every year it just gets exhausting lol
Ha thank you!
My type of lady, Alison! Haha
Nice MAD2220! I love all Cleveland sports!
Lost lands fam?
Yeah let’s not talk baseball lol
I’m a huge tribe fan too though so I’m watching the browns offense then Switching to the Indians when they’re on defense lol
Sixty year old white dude OC just looking at him like aight kid chill lol
I like when he told his OC he was hungry last year
Me toooo MAD2220!
Yep you’re right Spriestly! Baker is so hungry for sure
If they can shore up their o line a bit more they’re looking at a franchise run where they could go deep in the playoffs for years.
6-0 Browns
But I said it when they drafted baker watch out that’s a franchise qb that wants to win. He’s a lot like rivers in how much of a gamer he is
Steelers fan here which means huge respect to the Browns. They’ve sold out there stadium for prolly twenty years meanwhile cinci is in playoff runs and has local blackouts smh
What’s the score of the browns game
I’m stoked for this season
What’s the score
Anyone in Youngstown
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