Get over it
That’s harsh 😝
Noone cares
I’m available
I hate it
Love that song
Bot central
I gave this a like
yes hehe 🫢
I’m a sad sugar mommy who needs someone to care for her and love her ,Someone to make her happy and in return taking care of his or her needs and get spoil with my money. Dm me let chat better
If I had 2 dozen roses, and older bottle bottle, If could have really hung the moon would it change your mind
Northeast Texas
Anyone from north Texas?
Yes sir gae sir
Don’t talk to me little guy
Sheep likes men
We couldn’t tell
Man here 🙋🏻‍♂️
No all men
I'm Kathy from Houston
>>> Hey people Hi
Hey people
We asked
I’m strokin it rn
Wow nice penmanship. Lmao
Mean y
Whats up
I don’t.
Asian couple here from Asia looking to chat prefer older
I like bing bong
I need to stop gifting you morons I can't afford anything for avatar
i love bingbong
Nun much bunny
why buddy
Whats up all
It gives me ptsd
Bing bong can you change your name
i love your hair
Wild javelinas make crazy noises too

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