Who you talking about bunny
And I knowww itโ€™s too lateee
Staten has always been a $hitshow between the boroughs and jersey ๐Ÿ˜‚
The one
My fire
Take that crap out in them not me
You are
Use google
Clearly have mommy and female issues
Is Stanton island considered a borough
And its disgusting how u act
Ya barely a borough
Real life u wouldnt be as free
No one from NYC claims SI
Il screw off
This isnt real life
Staten is New York tho lol
U never seen anything relax
What's soc
Yeah but I've seen you socialize so I don't try
Naaaa u want to go to jail to have soc with males
Trynna call yourself a New Yorker with a Jersey accent. Imagine
U never talked normal
Mfker from Wannabe Jersey
Even worse
I could talk to you normally and you'd insult
Ah im from si, yall do you
U need meds
Bruh youโ€™re from LI. Su already
U cant even handle a sane decent convo
I think I can handle you bunny easy work
Any freaky females on here love watching? Pls pm
Iโ€™m west coast bb
Where ya from?
U have a death wish then lol
Are you struggling with financial issue ? DM with your cash tag to receive some blessing for the season
Keep talking smack
But I will
More peaceful

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