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🙃Good Clean Fun😁

They say it's best for the cat to keep to one kind of food once you find what they like. I was mixing it up alot and who knows, maybe that's why she reacted so much 🤷
It's moments like this that made every dollar worth it .💙🐈‍⬛
For a cat dad this is the best father's day gift 🎁
Being a sweetheart
Hey hey
Gmornin beautiful people of Anti 🐈‍⬛
She’s gotten so big ❤️
She's really starting to bond with me as well. Really a good cat
I’m starting to suspect that I’m being gone for too long during the days
Old man thoroughly makes sure to say hello to me when he’s been outside and when I come home
Why. What's he doing
Oh. Yeah that's very natural
I wouldn't worry unless he starts to seem anxious and upset when you get home
Try feeding him as soon as you get home. A special snack maybe , and that way he will start to see you leaving for work as you going out to hunt for his treats. Tell him that's what you're doing when you go out. Can't hurt anything
I'm off to bed. Gnight Dahlia 🤗🐈‍⬛
Night night
It's the little things in life that matter
Snuggle bunnies
He’s such a ham
Lunas a maniac
Her favorite toy 🤣 It's like ten years old already
wth lag?
Lol. One of them days ?