The foregoing is only a brief summary of the Company's terms of use, which govern your conduct and use of the service.

User Agreement

1. General

Welcome to the AntiLand Inc. app and website. ("We", "Ours") for mobile devices ("AntiLand"). Users who download AntiLand software ("AntiLand Software") or use, access, subscribe or purchase gifts for AntiLand ("You", "User" or "Users") can only do so by accepting the following terms and conditions of service and Privacy Policy.

1.1. Please read the following terms of service carefully before using AntiLand. By downloading the AntiLand software or using, accessing, subscribing or purchasing gifts on AntiLand, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("agreement"). This includes acceptance of any changes from time to time to these terms and conditions, without limitation or qualification.

1.2. If you are not willing to agree to this agreement in full, please stop using AntiLand immediately.

2. Privacy vs Violations

No third parties can access the content you share in the app. Your privacy is strictly protected by our Privacy Policy

Given that this space is both anonymous and secure, you must follow the rules. We will never support terrorism, pedophilia, violence, underage users, pornography, bullying and other illegal behaviour. To protect our loyal customers from intruders, we have developed hundreds of automatic filters that analyse the millions of messages sent through the app and ban any prohibited content. We also have a Team of qualified moderators who analyse all messages received as complaints from our customers about the violation of the User Agreement.

3. No children

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to download or use the AntiLand app. For details, see the restrictions in the app store where you downloaded it. No one can act like a user under the age of 18 for any reason, including pranks, experimentation, and jokes. No one can share any explicit content depicting underage children.

4. Confirmation of adult status

You hereby affirm and warrant that you are over 18 years of age and that you have the capacity to lawfully enter into and perform all the obligations contained in this agreement.

5. Modification of this agreement.

5.1. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, supplement, modify or remove parts of this Agreement at any time.

5.2. For existing AntiLand users, changes take effect within 10 days after their change.

5.3. For new users of AntiLand, the changes take effect immediately.

6. No porn

This app is anonymous and strangers chat with strangers. We are not that messenger you are used to. You are not allowed here to send pornography to anyone at any time. Listed below are the following rules, which imply, but are not limited to, abusive behaviour:.

Images of sexual nudity with genitals or sexually suggestive positions in which the subject is nude or blurred.

Images, animations or illustrations of sexual intercourse or postures of a sexual nature depicting the genitals.

Content depicting or being functionally sexual aids, sex guides, illegal sex topics and fetishes.

Content depicting, describing, or encouraging bestiality.

Our anti-porn filters analyze millions of messages and treat any image containing genitals as pornographic.

7. No perverse behaviour

AntiLand encourages polite and friendly communication. Messages implying, requesting or encouraging full nudity or genitals, or showing perverse behaviour, genital contouring, or sizing requests may be considered as a violation.

8. No obscene expressions

Users must respect other anonymous users. Don't swear in any places where your text might be seen by people who might not like it. These places include group chats, private chats, photos and nicknames. It is not allowed to use obscene words in a disguised, hidden or veiled way. If you cannot express your feelings without rude expressions, a special chat will be added to your chat list where rude and swearing is allowed, and every member of this chat knows about it. You are allowed to send rude messages in this special chat without affecting the family and religious values of the interlocutors. If you continue to be rude outside of this special chat, you will be banned from all chats.

9. No spam

It is not allowed to advertise any apps, events, or any affiliate programs. Links, brandnames, pictures containing apps or websites might be considered as spam. No offers of any services, photos or videos for money are allowed. Use other apps for these purposes.

10. No personal data

This app is anonymous and it must always remain anonymous. No one is allowed to ask other users or share their personal data, including accounts in social networks, personal emails or phone numbers. No one is allowed to ask for such data or share it even in a masked, hidden or veiled way. This rule has been created for your own safety.

11. No fakes

AntiLand processes millions of images and texts per day and is a public domain. It is not allowed to imitate or pretend to be someone, use their photos, share them and publish them for various purposes without the permission of the owner, and also post them for profit (catfishing) purposes.

12. No flood

If you cannot express your feelings in normal adequate sentences and often send short messages without a reason, you will be banned and lose all your karma. If you create bots or any automatic scripts to flood for karma, your accounts will be deleted from AntiChat and your main account will be banned. All your karma and all your in-app purchases will be erased.

13. Do not annoy, offend or bully other users

If a user annoys, offends or bullies other users either in group chats or in private chats, they must complain on his behaviour. Users who receive many complaints may be automatically banned from AntiChat. Don't blame other users for banning your account. This community is similar to the offline world. We are sure that every banned user would suffer much worse in real life for their behaviour.

14. Suspicious accounts:

If your messages are blocked by anti-spam, flood or pornography filters, or you receive a lot of complaints, your account will be flagged as suspicious. At the discretion of the system, messages from suspicious accounts can be sent anonymously to moderators for review. If the moderators consider your anonymous content inappropriate, you will be banned from the system.

15. Karma

Users with adequate behaviour usually have high karma. If you chat normally and help people express their feelings, your karma will grow. If you break rules, annoy other users and receive complaints, bans or blocks, your karma will be close to zero.

16. Banned users

If you are banned, you can rehabilitate. If you are banned in one chatroom only, apologise by sending private messages to every person who could be annoyed by your behaviour. If they take your apologies you are allowed to join that chatroom again in few hours. If the offended users do not take your apologies, you may be banned in that chatroom each time you visit it again.

If the system decides to lock you in Prison, you will be banned in all chats. Next few hours you will have to spend in Prison, chatting to other prisoners. The more you chat in Prison, the higher are your chances to recover half of your karma. Be gentle, do not annoy other prisoners as they can also complain on your behaviour and the system will prolong your sentence. There are no administrators who decide how long you should stay in Prison. The system is self-regulated, it automatically calculates your sentence depending on your violation. Users with lots of violations may stay in Prison for months.

If you continue violating or even creating new fake accounts for avoiding your ban, all your accounts and devices may be suspended and deleted from AntiChat forever.

If you were banned in a group chat where other people broke rules, you must report their violations as well. Press their avatars in group chats, then press the Report button.

17. Listen to recommendations

If experienced users with high karma warn you, you better follow their recommendations. Otherwize the community might not accept the way you express yourself.

18. Inappropriate content also includes:

Defamatory or mean-spirited content, including references or commentary about religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or other targeted groups, particularly if the content is likely to place a targeted individual or group in harm’s way.

Realistic portrayals of people or animals being killed, maimed, tortured, or abused, or content that encourages violence.

Depictions and messages that encourage illegal or reckless use of weapons, drugs and dangerous objects.

Inflammatory religious commentary, inaccurate or misleading quotations of religious texts.

19. Social Responsibility

You notify AntiLand about each violation you spot. To report a violation you should long press the message violating the User Agreement and select [Report] from menu. If the Team of Moderators finds that you did not report a violation on purpose, you will be considered as accomplice in a violation and may be banned from the app.