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Just like anything, better if made more money doing it but it is pretty cool to be able to work whenever you want
Do you set yourself a schedule?
Yeah, for the most part. 7 AM till about noon is pretty busy in my area and then 6 PM till about midnight but a lot of time I’ll only work until about seven or eight or nine.
Good morning Allie
What does that even mean 👀
Brown eye 👁
What’s goin on
Do I gotta drop
And the rent went down when we moved we shaved like 700 a month in rent alone
That’s awesome Brim
You’ll have to take some pictures of the pond. I bet you get birds and other animals with that much room
Good morning
>>> Oh nice! What do you do during that time? It's festival of Hajj and day when prophet Abraham sacrificed his son prophet Ismael , on their remembrance we sacrifice goat, sheep,bull,cow, buffalo and camels
Oh wow
Home from work
Mbappe at Madrid is gonna stir the pot cus you have Vini that’s more damaging on the left and Mbappe who’s more damaging on the left
>>> im hungry post a similar live pic including 🤙🏻 hand gesture
Got a confession