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A cappuccino would hit so hard rn
u start sheep
I want to surprise my husband with something, I need a man for the surprise
Iโ€™m right here
Ooh okay
Ever remember, I'll always remember the sound
I can't remember the lyrics but the vibe always keeps repeating in my mind
I donโ€™t see him
Whatโ€™s the timer for
Itโ€™s all about equality โœจ
Just become polyamorous
Problem solved
Because they get confused why itโ€™s so high and no one dmโ€™s them
Idk bro i rather have a 1k karma wall to not get spammed by bots
Yes itโ€™s important
Let us see
O polvo foi banido
Itโ€™s afternoon I need another iced coffee
I need a iv of coffee stat lol
Itโ€™s afternoon and I need a nap
I suppose.
I need help Me2
Me 3
Yeah someday I'll get that experience ๐Ÿ˜…
I hope so for yall too haha