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Go to sleep
I need help
Yes you do need help
I didn’t say that but if the shoes fits wear it
I need help
You don’t need them extra s’s love
What do you need help with
They don’t need help they’ve been staying that in a few chats
Clearly your not
Again have a seat
You just slow as a mule
I need help
Naw your sentence didn’t make sense lol
No you are just slow but okay
Let’s go with that
Someone clap my cheeks or smack my ahh
Thats sus
Any shows yall been watching recently?
I’m gaming right now so my reply’s will be long
I need help
Same mentally
The bear lol
I’m playing cod for the people who are messaging me
Like mmm dom me
Is it actually as good as people say or nah
Hi space
The pig is always talking to herself lol
What’s up duck
Really I did see that
Who likes to clap cheeks
lol right like wtf I thought my messages were mixed up but it’s like she replies to herself 😂
I like getting my cheeks clapped
Ineedmoney or whatever lol
Oh her name is Ann now lol
Is she the real Anna
No they are two different pigs
99th Market
Oh I see hahaha
You must be high or drunk
It’s Ann
Signs all around