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Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating roleplay game with random strangers online
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Why is AntiLand so safe?

We created the biggest online anonymous community. Over 40 million people over the world joined the network. We are helping people to be themselves, chat without judgement, and express their true feelings.

Please meet our safety rules and practices:

Tips for chatting safely

Keep your Personal Data to yourself. Never share in any chats your personal information, such as your phone number, email, username in other apps, home address, credit card number or details about your daily routine.
Keep your private photos to yourself and the people you trust. Never share your intimate details with strangers.
Respect people with whom you are chatting. No bullying, no shaming, no mocking, no impersonation of other users is allowed. You never know how it will affect them and how it might reflect on you.

Our safety measures

80+ moderators around the world are serving the community everyday.
We speak 20+ languages
600+ emotional abuse, spam, flood, and inappropriate content prevention algorithms
Thousands of profiles are being automatically banned from the network on any violation
We keep only last 50 private messages per chat on device. Private messages on both servers and devices are stored for a limited amount of time and then deleted forever
Your profile is deleted after 30 days if marked for deletion and no longer in use