Yes, the delivery was gluteyful
Let’s get to the bottom of this
Arent we all
Lmao jealous of what
Well damn. I’m jealous 😂😂
Back when we had Bios. BRING BACK BIOS
Pinky promise
He talks he’s a real dude
Nah it’s his
I love baking
It was a lemon with cream cheese buttercream 😋
What flavor of cake is that 👀
It definitely wasn’t anywhere near that good lookin haha
That does look rather tasty
Well I’ve made lots of cakes but like a fancy cake once
I made a cake once lol
That’s pretty good ngl
…..ok my request still stands…. Show us the best cake you’ve made
I like to get baked? Does that count?
👈 not a real baker. I bake on the side
That you have made
Like anyone could even know that.
So you’re a baker
Okay I’ll let it go this time
In my defense, it’s been years!! Lol
Lmaoo you had to google it 😂😂 have you never seen nepoleon dynamite!?!?
After a quick google search, I also concluded that 😂
Mine was napoleon dynamite Yours was the sports newscaster that said “annnd booms goes the dynamite”
I could say the same.
You didn’t catch the reference that’s a shame
She went to college twice 😮‍💨
Boom goes the dynamite 🧨
Yeah well your mom went to college so… boom.
Boom. Roasted
…. Every day I’m fighting for my spot in heaven
Was posted without spellcheck too 🌚
I kid I kid.
My eyes!!!!
I feel like that’s posted with out consent
How dare they have a life
Seems like its kinda just people doing weekend activities today

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