Doing good just relaxing took the rest of day off
Still at the Sofa Watching tv
I‘m fine. Thx. And you?
lol so how you doing
Yeah i think You’re Right… 🙈
Good luck no one chat here in group really lol
Anyone wanna Talk?
Hey @ll
Heyy anyone up to talk
Well what’s everyone up to
Yea one thing that sucks living in tornado alley lol and hell yeah I got car insurance
Hopefully insurance will cover it
That’s a bummer.
Hey Pamela
Yea I was thanks but took some hail damages to vehicle
Those tornados are no joke. Be careful
Ummm wtf
>>> Yea lucky didn’t hit us but feel bad for t... U from
Lucky you!
Yea lucky didn’t hit us but feel bad for the people over in the next town they got hit good
>>> Raining here too. Thunderstorm Oo cool night
R u ok
I got enough rain last night with the storms that came through and tornado close to where I live
Raining here too. Thunderstorm
>>> Thanks Wc
>>> How’s your night Payal? Its rain
Hey pamela
How’s your night Payal?
Have a good lunch
Here its n8
I’m doing good just relaxing enjoying some lunch lol
Gd u
Hey how you doing payal
What’s up everyone
Looking for a baddie 👀
Hello how are is everyone

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