He surely does
I’m lost too
That’s you though
I’m lost
That’s a hommo friend we ain’t rocking with that
I mean can’t we be friends too?
You’re making no sense
Look what he saying to us now
I told you he a hommo
You miss biology
You guys should suck my dingus
Rip 🪦
What I miss
He a hommo
Aye yo what
oh brother this guy stinks!
They should try harder I agree
Both genders
Others that sounds suspicious
My only complaint is that my down there wasn’t pleased enough by others today
i’m full of complaints today
my back hurts
Luigi actually here
It’s me luigi
It’s not that I don’t want your feelings to come true it’s just that I don’t trust any of you
mario and luigi
Tbh same luigi
Oh yes I’m wack af totally
No crab
Aww yay
You mean your wack af
my feet are cold
Don’t ever let your feelings come true
Anti be wack af forget I even have it
Imani I missed u
Don’t ever show it
I’ll miss you!!
we'll miss u 🥺
Remember to hide the ones you love
Well looks like time for me to be gone from this for another 3 months

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