i wish trans would know their place and stop trying to turn everyone else gay biatch
Huhu biatch
faw biatch
where jack biatch
manny moe biatch
LMAO biatch
many more and jack biatch
If someone I like wants to gimme their blood Iโ€™m not turning it dooown biatch
Let me tell you, Ask Count or NGL โ€ฆ they will give you their sperm to you for free biatch
ahhaha biatch
I think it's sweet Jackie biatch
How is that gross? biatch
Damn biatch
Yโ€™all are insane lmao biatch
>>> No one has ever given you their blood befo... Gross sis biatch
Oh yeah biatch
WHATTTT biatch
>>> โ€ฆ..why?? biatch I thought you said you wanted to buy sperm
Ok this getting interesting biatch
No one has ever given you their blood before? biatch
Put his blood.. in what? biatch
Lol biatch
โ€ฆ..why?? biatch
Ay biatch
Hi biatch
Wait what biatch
๐Ÿ‘‹ john wicked biatch
Lol biatch
hi biatch
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>>> If he wants? Why not just put his blood in... Damn ... biatch
Hi biatch
Seems like the most romantic route I think biatch
If he wants? Why not just put his blood in a vial so heโ€™s yours whether he wants to be or not biatch
I have to go, but Iโ€™ll be back in 45 minutes biatch
Ay yo trannys are ppl too dude they just forgot how babies are made biatch
but i much rather have a beer never caused me no problems biatch
ang inet omfg biatch
even if they get crushed they take it biatch
I Love Kian but I belong to no one! He may belong to me if he wants tho biatch
>>> 400 man canโ€™t ride biatch I wouldn't say
Hi biatch
sir biatch
i ride my motor cycle perfectly fine sit biatch
Both biatch
Both maybe biatch
Either or biatch
Or heโ€™s yours? biatch

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