I'm on the clock. That's about it lol biatch
I'm on lunch, thank you very much lol biatch
>>> Raaaaain on meeeee *in Ashanti voice* biatch Wtf u on
Yea biatch
Wtf whenever I send any messages it just type it in the end without even I write it biatch
Right biatch
Lmao you slacking at work biatch
Raaaaain on meeeee *in Ashanti voice* biatch
The chat is boring today biatch
Eh. I'm at work lol biatch
Just got rained on biatch
>>> Tf is up with yall? biatch Asking the same thing
Yosef! Wsuuuh 😊 biatch
What does it mean biatch
Tf is up with yall? biatch
El señor Alcapone quiere que lo ordeñen biatch
Westside❔Flyest of all time❔🕊️ biatch
Hahaha biatch
>>> Quaaaaaanisha!!! biatch Sup b💯
Cuz im a fly turtle. I'll talk it 🤣 biatch
Most probably it was me biatch
Quaaaaaanisha!!! biatch
What about you biatch
Oh you know what? I did hear something like that. Maybe it was you who told me hahaha biatch
lex 🥰🥰♥️ biatch
No granny turtle biatch
Who’s lying? biatch
Lmao biatch
he lying lol biatch
Toru biatch
Japanese…. biatch
Aunty Vero why you always ignoring me? biatch
So yeah you my turtle bird biatch
Does it? In what language? biatch
Tori means bird biatch
toriiiii 🥹🥹😍🥰🩷 biatch
Turtle bird? biatch
👀🦍🍪 biatch
That disgusting dog is a stalker biatch
Pig biatch
Leeeeex bb 🥰😘🤗 biatch
Ur fat because you're a pif biatch
i just choked on my spit biatch
The turtle bird biatch
Tori biatch
Wsup Mist 🤗 biatch
what the hell biatch

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