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These people can't stop it
Hell no
Even if they work for the govt they can't stop new world order
The new world order can't stop humans.
Humans will be replaced by robots
Been tried before, many times.
That's not all America. Or whites.
There's a lot of shi t going on
Then of course you cant vote for biden or trump ๐Ÿ˜‚
Plenty of rich Arabs visiting too. And Europeans.
Blessed af for that
Just a rich people thing.
Hey, if you like living in a nation poorer than us, then youre living the dream
Probably not all rich people. I'd hope. But too many for comfort.
New disease after COVID 19
Who dat
Must be COVID 30 by now
There isn't a lot poorer than us in reality at this point. Don't look at the handful of rich. Look at the state of the poor.
More tent cities in the us than most of Africa now.
Where did that come from?
It's the same disease that just different type
When all your money flows up, time is all it takes.
Lots of illegals people donโ€™t have jobs shortage of housing
Red states sending their homeless immigrants and mentally ill to blue states
Name pending, I'd imagine.
It's the same disease
You can't stop laboratory experiments
It's not. Influenza is even more dangerous than sars.
People play with fire all day
U think covid came from a bat
Hell nah lol
I don't
It was a biological warfare
Yo govt sprays chemicals
>>> Yo govt sprays chemicals So do I.
The govt actually sprays chemicals like there no tomorrow
>>> Red states sending their homeless immigran... Is that why they sent me to Massachusetts??
Water is a chemical.
Grogu ๐Ÿค—
A chinese dude never got covid in china but as soon as he landed in US he got it the first day
You can't stop this mess
How are you?
>>> A chinese dude never got covid in china bu... It was in China first.
Tired but ok ty. How's you?
For these people they were ordered to do just what they are told
Still here
They tell em to do these shi.t and they just obey lol