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ммαяѕнмαℓℓσω ραℓα¢є 🍭

Tired and toasty
I feel it, I had to install a new fridge and washer
Eeewww, did they both break on you?
Kidnap me, i'll help with the replacing XD
😂 gladly, I got ac thru the house so it won't be so hot
No ac is awful
Hello simmo
For sure
Other than fridge and washer, what have you been up to ky?
I been dead tbh
I work 11am-8:30pm today 😭
I still don't work, but I do a lot of housework and rapairs
Am threw up
Deink full butfle bourbon
Why wint demuns shut ip??
You’re drunk aren’t you
Hey mo
I had a rough day yesterday and it was either off myself or drown the demons so I chose downing a whole bottle of bourbon 🥴
Im sorry
Eh it is what it is
Hi, sorry guys I’ve been so busy with work 🥲
It’s fine
Its alright, i have been busy with this seminar as well tbh
I'm tired of appliances 🤧
I’m bored af
So I got on some new meds and I was finally able to get a full night sleep 😌
No night terrors no anxiety no depression and no more demons 😌
What med
Hello bored I'm ky
I'm on 25mg of that but take 50 to ko me
It doesn't help me with anything besides putting me to sleep tho🤧
Ayy I’m also on 25mg but it doesn’t make me sleepy 🥴
I usually do 25 in the morning then 50 at night, only supposed to take 25mg tho
Damn I’m sorry to hear that bb 🫂
It's okay bb, I try not to take pills but nowadays I been seeing and hearing lots of people or entities calling to me
You ever drink while on pills?
Can’t say I have I don’t think my heart could handle that 😅