I been keeping it inside lmao
Ac has been on lol
Put ya ac on
Back to spring
Rip cold weather
Its prettty
I wanna see the painting behind u
Hey 👋🏻
I'll do the papa tomorrow
Pasta and salmon just sound better lol
Hmm pasta will fill ya up more
I can do the papa if the heavy cream I have is still good lol
Should I have pasta or do a twice baked papa?
1 more hr
I think ive seen one before at Joann fabrics
Hmm maybe online
Now I need the big plushie one
I've been on the look out for this one so I could take it to work and found it so had to get it
I have a bigger one of this one. My nephew go it because it has the name of what they call me but spelled different
Awww u got wendy as a plush
They scary
Lmao that reminds me of that koala pic of it soaked
It’s almost like you can’t wait to get rid of me
He shall be back next month
Good thing the hr is up
I know 🫶🏻
We will miss you lol
Yes exactly
Never ending cycle
Then I’ll return in a few days
Then he will be back and we will be at it again
That’s a good idea
Leave before the hr is up to skip irritation
You like it
Yall are distracting me from working
Ya get me?
I miss you but then after like an hour you get irritating again
Bet yet the brothers keep bugging
You two are like those annoying sisters that no brother wants

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