you are the victim of propaganda my friend
Do you know what the Quran calls Jews???? “The children of Israel”
Name a Palestinian leader before 1964
Except Palestinians were there first. That was THEIR home. Lands and homes were seized by the Israeli state for decades. so yeah they are…
Propaganda at its dumbest
They are colonizers just like the Apache and the Navajo colonized the US.
The idea that Jews are “colonizers”of Israel… is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.
They be getting pissed. Cuz they voices are getting louder and they hear it everywhere
Zionists can eat rocks
How much jews does it take to destroy a nation?
F**k Israel.
What about wildfires and volcanoes? How much is their contribution?
F**k Palestine
If lefties cared about the environment they wouldn't push EV bullshyt.
How do y’all respond to “Free Palestine?”
I’ll reiterate you’re all full of shyt
If lefties cared about climate change they wouldn’t have made Iran rich to start dropping bombs
it’s fake news anyways
BuT mUh Ai GeNeRaTeD mOdElS
Hello all
Hello muricans
Hi am a Arab h0t femboy🌈🌈
I'm so high lol
>>>📷 Why 2019 and not 2020 when biden got president. Sus
Well well well
I hate hate
Here we go WW3 in the making. All because Dems don't like MuH oRaNgE mAn
Hi, any guy 55+ want to chat
Got 10 gallons of rum wash fermenting.

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