It's ok I finished work so just chillin hbu
Jigs around woohoo
Thanks Baker
Hi RD - I'm responding now 🥺
Damn I wasn't worth responding too
Bird 🐦 hi
Frustrated 40 married Dad here
Sorry, I was responding to the tiger kitty
The other kitty
Yeah? So?
you take ya left foot out
Put ya left foot in
Then ya turn yaself around
Pokey pokey
Right were I want to be 🥰
you like almost everyone porky piggy
I tolerate no one ya sleazy furballs
i think a lot of people just tolerates everyone
i knew it
👀 I’m not mean
I was being sarcastic you are all equally awful to me
Meanie lil furball
Pokes kitty
Doofy luvs cans
I'm pretty sure he just tolerates me
it’s okay doofy, you don’t have to lie to us.
I like everybody
we don’t like yous either
Lol nahh u captive audience 🤣 shorty duck
Oh I’ll still give it a hot go at escaping 🤣
Excellent that way you can't escape 😜
If it’s not a ankle it’ll be my knee if it ain’t the knee it will be the hip if it ain’t the hip probably my back nothing like early one set arthritis
Im a fat fker
I’ll never be able to sneak up on anyone something is bound to crack
Actually you probably will ngl
I will sit on ya & hear you cracking lol
Season it nicely 🤤
Turn your skin/fat into yummy crackling 🤤🤤🤤
Pig is for everyday

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