sleep well!
Night dear Ino
I’m heading to bed too
omg spring!
It’s 1 am and I’m gonna get up at 6. So me too. 😂
Me too. Thank god I called off that engagement. Phew!
I definitely need more sleep
But I remember wanting to settle down too.
When you’re a kid you want to stay up. When you’re older you want sleep. This is like that.
I’ve done my due diligence enough before her
I’m at the point of my life that I only looked forward to settling and having a family
The person you are today won’t be the same person you are in 10 years. Give yourself time, enjoy the experience of living and figuring out who and what you really are then meet the right person at the right time
And no offence but at 24 you haven’t been exposed to enough life to know what you really like or who you really are
It can be. But isn’t always.
Too true
Just saying
Love isn’t linear
Not that I lived too hard. Was just too long ago.
I don’t remember much of my 20s
I would never be in my 20’s again no offense
It’s like loving a roller coaster or skiing or something. There’s a point where you get tired of the roller coaster or the ski hill. 😂
Yeah I felt the same way when I was way way way way back then 😂
Supposedly smarter too but in my case I’m not sure that’s true
Ok well I hate to burst your bubble but forever is a looooooooong time
It doesn’t get easier. You just get tougher.
I want to just be with one person forever
Love is hard
I’m 44 🙂
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No i took hers tho
did she take your v card
omg bun
Wait how old are you?
24 almost
Oh to be 23
Miss messy thank you too
Thanks fr
Imma try
Thank you
Older women are always right
You’re right
No, I’ve just learned that holding on is more harmful to your Self than any good you think you might be doing
Thanks ino you’re kind and wise we need more of you
Someone who can love the better me

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